public void generateBits(Node root, int current, int counter){
		if (root== null) return;
		if (root.left == null && root.right == null){
			list.add(new HuffCode(root.theChar, current, counter));			
		} else{
			current<<= 1; //move all the bits 1 spot to the left
			generateBits(root.left, current, counter+1);
			generateBits(root.right, (current | 1), counter+1);

Somehow, this method is generating wrong bit sequences for the Huffman Code. Specifically, the SAME bit sequences are being generated for different Nodes, which should be impossible... the way I'm trying to generate the bit sequences is "if you move left in the tree, add a 0 to the bit sequences, if you move right in the tree, add a 1 to the bit sequence. If you're at a leaf node, stop, and create a new HuffCode". Regardless of how the tree was created, there can only be one Node at any given position. Therefore, I should never have the same bit sequence twice, but I do. So there has to be something wrong with my method, right? I can't see what.

Actually, I just realized that if the first things put in are 0's, it will seem like they have the same bit sequences, when in reality, one bit sequence might be 0001 and another might be 001 or something similar. I'll investigate some more and come back if I have more problems.