Create a form to upload a plain text file, once uploaded to the file system, open the file, and email me a message containing the contents of the file.

Im having trouble with learning perl to begin with and Im not sure where to even start for this project. Could someone just tell me the steps I might need to go through. Im not looking for the code or anything. Just the steps.

That is far from a beginners perl project. Makes no sense you would get a project like that and apparently have no idea how to even start.

Step one: Read the CGI modules documentation.

A few years ago I was facing the same situation, I had to write a file parsing script in perl and I had no knowledge till then that a langauge by such a name does exist. Adding more and more functionality to my script I started to knwo my way around. As I kept working with the langauge I also needed to keep looking at the documentation. This way I was finally able to reach my goal and also along the way I was able to learn a good deal about the langauge. Not that I am a very fluent programmer in perl but to this day I able to maintain and add functionality to the original script.... and also able to chuck off a few bugs from it ;)
I guess, following this way if you are able to break down the entire project into smaller more manageable modules and then work your way by adding more functionality into them would be a good option.