Hi everyone,

Just need abit of help. im studying selection sorting at the mo.....ive wrote an essay wot it and how it works but im tryin to an example in java and im having problems with that.....im not a very good java user.....ive only just started.

i just wanted to know do u or would it be best to use 2 differnt classes - one for the sorting and one to enter the numbers u want sorting?

also if u were 2 use 2 differnt classes how would u connect the 2 together?


Actually, you could probably use

public static void main (String[] main) {

Initialize your class
Write a loop to get your numbers
send to method in that classs


So, your answer is. You don't have to use two classes. In fact, just one for your selection sort and have the user input numbers in the public static void part.


I am writing the code for selection sort, you'll need to pass the numbers for sorting as command line arguments that is along with the command you use to run the java program

e.g., java Selection 12,45,1,76,50

the code is as follows:

class Selection
public static void main(String arg[])
int x[];              //declaring an empty array,initialized later
int i;

//checking if arguments have been given or not at the command line
System.out.println("No Arguments Specified...\n");//prints msg if no args specified

x=new int[arg.lenght]; //initializing the array with the no. of args specified.

try        //trapping any errors that might occur
for(i=0;i<x.length;i++)        //loop for putting the values into the array

selectionSort(x);         //calling the method for sorting,defined later in the class

//printing the sorted list
System.out.println("Sorted List:-");

catch(NumberFormatException E)  //traps the error if specified arg is not a number
System.out.println("Given argument is not a number...\n");

static void selectionSort(int x[])   //method for sorting the list,made static for using in main
int i,j;
int pos=0;   //variable to fix a position in array
int min=0;  //variable to fix a number as minimum.

min=x[i+1];    //setting the minimum number
pos=i+1;        //fixing the position to the index of that number

if(min>x[j])        //if number at x[j] is graeter than minimum then
min=x[j];      //put x[j] in min
pos=j;          //and change position to index number of j

if(x[pos]<x)   //if number at x[pos] is less than number at x then swap the values

hope this code will help you..
we do not need to create to separate classes for sorting a list here.

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import java.util.*;
public class DS2
    public static void main(String[] args)
        Scanner k=new Scanner(System.in);
        int[] ds=new int[10];
        for (int z=0;z<10;z++)
            Random R=new Random();
            int x=R.nextInt(999)+1;
        System.out.println("Numbers Before Sort:\n"+ds[1]+","+ds[2]+","+ds[3]+","+ds[4]+","+ds[5]+","+ds[6]+","+ds[7]+","+ds[8]+","+ds[9]+"\n");
        System.out.print("Numbers After Sort:\n"+ds[1]+","+ds[2]+","+ds[3]+","+ds[4]+","+ds[5]+","+ds[6]+","+ds[7]+","+ds[8]+","+ds[9]);

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Thanls for dragging up an ancient thread to post a useless piece of code.

hai..pwedi nyo b akong bgyan ng isang code about selection sort....thanks

Start a new thread and write proper english

can you gave us a running program about selection sort that the user will input something from the keyboard...thank you...

can you gave us a running program about selection sort that the user will input something from the keyboard...thank you...


Start a new thread. There are plenty of examples on how to read input with the Scanner class. Start a new thread with some code.

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