Sorry to be upset again, but I am doing a project and need your help!

I have a list of a class (eg: List <Medicamentos>...), but this class has 3 subclasses and, how I use properties ,I dont know how to change the attributes of the Superclass and subclass at the same time! To access the Set of the SuperClass I for example: A [j]. Laborat = comboBox1.SelectedText; But I do not know how to do in case of the underclass! Help me please ..

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The answer would normally be you shouldnt.

Please explain a little more of what you're trying to achieve before we can give you better answer


A SUPER-class normally inherits all the methods etc. of his SUB-class.
Say you have a class Car and class Sportscar which inherits from Car. If Car has an engine so will have Sportscar.

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