I would enjoy some help in directing my search for C++ code in a more specific area. I only have two years of college level C++ programing expirence under my belt so i would love to keep most of the coding simple. I want to create a function that moves my mouse around and emulates keystrokes and mouse clicks. something like.

// non-code Mouse Movement Function.
void mousemov (int x, int y)
   move my mouse to (x,y); <--- position on the screen
   hit the enter key;
   hit the 2 key;
   wait 5 sec;
   move my mouse to (x,y); 

where can i read up on how to fill this with actual code. or if you know the code could you share. Thank you. :)

Re: Where can I find info on these subjects. 80 80

what operating system and what compiler ?

Re: Where can I find info on these subjects. 80 80

My Os is Win Xp. I dont know how the compiler will change the code if i am writing in C++ but i was using Visual C++ 2005 express edition.

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