Hey guys. Just a question.
Is it possible to use a stack class and a link list class in the same program so for example if I decide to create a list (using the link list class) and then from this list take the odd numbers and put in a stack (using the stack class) then take the pair numbers from the same list and put them in a second stack?
Thanks :)

>Hey guys. Just a question.
>Is it possible to [...]
The answer to any "Is it possible?" question is invariably "Yes!". Further, many of these questions can be answered with simple experimentation. So are you just lazy or what?

No, I am not lazy, I was just making sure, what if it "was not possible" :) ... thanks ;)

Then you would of tried and then realized it wasn't possible or failed trying and asked for help and someone would of helped you out. Either way it would of been a learning experience even if it wasn't possible.