Hello all, my question!! With vb5 I’ve used the application wizard to make a multiple document interface, and as the document I made it invoice with data, rtftextboxes and such. Now I would like to be able to save that form during runtime as a file after the data is enter so I could be open at a later time. Example invoice1.whatever and so on.. so is their a way to save a form as a file?

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Why not just save the richtextbox contents?

You can use either file handling mechanism or database connection.

Ok since I am running up against the same problem i will ask. I have a form that has control arrays that are created at runtime. ( yes the entire control not just the contents ) I would like to save the form with these controls in their locations and such. I cant seem to find a way to save to the actual form file during runtime. IE the Form1.frm file. Is there a way?

I am a little confused here. Do you want to save the layout of the form or the form itself? In other words, the control positions if maximised etc. Give us a little bit more information please.

Secondly, please open another post of your own. You have used a post that was send in 2008. I see you are a new poster, please keep in mind on future posts as well, thanks.