Hi, is there a socket library besides WINSOCK that I can use with Dev-C++. I don't have a <sys\socket.h> include. Is there a devpak that I can get, or am I doomed to WINSOCK?

Don't see why it doesn't work, but long story short!

Get an IDE that isn't frozen. Like Code::Block or VC++

Chris :D

I installed Code::Blocks, and I set my compiler as MinGW which is installed on my computer, but there still is not a <sys/socket.h> include, which compiler should I install. I'm on Windows XP Pro SP2 32 Bit.

No win32 based compiler is going to have sys/sockets.

Read "beej" to find out how to do socket programming in win32.
In particular the "Note for Windows Programmers".

Did you read the FAQ I posted?

Is cygwin an option for you?

And what is the problem with WINSOCK anyway? I mean, once you get past the WSAStartup bit (easy to hide), the send() and recv() stuff works pretty much the same.

I have no problem with WINSOCK, I just wanted to know if there are any other ways to use sockets on Windows. I could probably get cygwin, too.