Hi i get a home work at uni in C, but i have difficulties with this programming language.I don't know a lot.Below i wrote the request.Can someone help me from where to start,please.


Create a chat system throught internet.One process in the server machine manage a bunch of processes(resident generally in diferent machines).The server must be able to get from each client 1 line at once and send it to all the other clients.
Each client can decide to create a new channel of conversation,make a join in an ecxisting channel,leave the channel,or erase the channel in case it's created by the client.

Sure, you begin by reading the intro threads, and realise that we don't provide free homework on a plate.

Attention on our part is the reward for effort on your part.

The next step is show us what you actually know, and how you've used that to solve even some of the problem.