I wonder something about adding a .DLL file to a project I am doing in a Win Form.

I have rightclicked the Project ant choosed "Properties".
Then under "Common Properties" I have "Add New Reference" and Added the Graph.DLL file to my project.

This .DLL is a GraphControl.

My question is if I need to do something more in order to find this control because I cant find it in the Toolbox.
Perheps I need to do something more through setting to find this GraphControl.

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Whenyou add a dll you must at least have some information about what is in it. You must also use a using or include clause.


Try to open the ToolBox and rightclick the surface. You should have any choise where you can add/remove items.

Then somewhere here you will be able to Browse you .DLL and choose it to your toolbox.


Thank you ddanbe and Liszt this worked to do both.
Now I can see the control in the Toolbox.

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