If anyone has any good ideas for a program please let me know... My final is coming up, and we have to create our own program, but i'm drawing a blank, any help would be great!

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what kind of level does it have to be? is a mammoth project or what? and are you doing it in pascal?

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If it's pascal, I'm guessing it's something like a text-based prog?

'tis text-based.Ha, it's in pascal because my school's not advanced enough to offer C+ or C++ :P
It's gotta have atleast one nested loop, repeat/until and such. I have a few ideas, but none of them qualify as UNIQUE.... and i'm by no means a master programmer. I'm just drawin' a blank.

text based with nested loop? OMG how many ideas do you want!??!?!?

Try this: A database program

In console mode (obviously) print a list of options (1 while loop and a switch statement (sorry thats c++, cant remember the pascal equiv) easy :) )

then have functions to add / delete records and load / save the file at the beginning / end of the program, view the next / previous record ect.... Trust me the nested loop will come easily. The record will have to be a defined data type so that should score some points!

Have a go with it! :)

i must write code for calender that get two numbers of n digit(n:integer) and oprats(/,^,*). can you help me for write it?(in pascal);

could you try and explain your problem a little more so it makes sense!


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