i need to enhance jawi converter application using syllable word, but i don't know how to start it. The previous version, the coding is not working for syllable,so i need to change some coding to make it done convert correctly.Here some of code that i have to enhance.

Please use code tags, if you wish us to go through the code. Also I hope you have indented the code correctly, because honestly I do not think any one will dare try to go through such a big file, especially if it is not presentable.
To use code tags, all you have to do is place the content inside, [code=java] and [/code] tags. Also please be kind enough to mention what is going wrong in your code, is it a compilation error or a runtime problem, and paste us the actual output which the compiler or the JRE is throwing up at you.

Please use code tags, if you wish us to go through the code.

Since his code is so long he should give us only the part that is giving him trouble, then if we need more we can ask for it. Posting all that code in the OP isn't good etiquette, it my opinion

The text is difficult to read. Many parts repeated. I do not have information regarding the form of data from the database.
Whether the database is online? What is the difference between the Front / BackJavi / RumiUnicode? What is the difference between-ke, di-,di_Abd? (sufix,prefix,infix). What is the meaning of .,@!/% and others?
In this way writing program is very easy to make mistakes.

I have attached two files for analysis .

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