Dear Friends.

I need to copy particular columns from a listview to a XML file.


i need 1st and 3rd Columns data's to be copied to a XML file. Can any one help with any example code..How to get the Column data from a Listview..

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Look I feel you can do it on your own just try
First tell me you can get the ListView columns?!
- listView1.Columns
Then you can treat with XML file as we discussed in the previous post.

am generating the listview data's from a i need to copy the some columns of data's or all listview data's to a XML file...I tried as much as i can..i am not able to find the solution to copy the Listview data to a XML file..Please help me

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You can make it directly from DataSet, also read in DataSet class
DataSetObject. ??
The idea I don't mean to be silly with you, but you've to try and read in help more than copying code, I hope you understand me well.

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