I use the Dev-C++ compiler on a Toshiba laptop running on Windows Vista 32-bit. Im good in C++, and I have been learning to use the OpenCV (Open source Computer Vision) library with C++. When I run my C++ app, the OpenCV window that uses GUI freezes up. It shows the contents and everything, but doesn't do anything and if you click on it, turns white and stops responding. I can't find anything on google about this... Is it my OS? is it a problem with Dev-C++? Should I get a different compiler (NOT visual C++)? Is there a way to fix Dev-C++?

I would appreciate some help, thanks!

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Have you even tracked the code till it freezed, and then evaluated it?

Well, the OpenCV code is only a couple things, creating a window, displaying a picture, and waiting for the user to press a key until the program ends. Even with other things such as creating a window and displaying a track bar, it freezes up for everything (except normal C++ by itself).

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