hi experts..

i made a visual basic program..
and i want to make an installer for this..

.can you help me??



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Visual basic (at least I know vb6 did) was under VB / Tools in the start menu. It was called the "Package And Deployment Wizard", which you can use. Otherwise, you are looking at a much (much, much) more complicated measure. One alternative, is to make say, a batch file (called setup, naturally) that when run, copies over all the required vb run time files, and .ocx's / dll's that your program actually uses. Heck in XP by default you could write a vbscript installer that would probably do that. Once the required .dll's and .ocx's are copied over and registered (regsvr32) you could make spawn another VB application which acts like an installer (though, it wouldn't REALLY be an installer... since the installer actually copies the required files over, and registers them).

hi, try this one...start->> all programs - >> microsoft visual studio 6.0 - >> microsoft visual studio 6.0 tools - >> Package and Deployment Wizard -- > browse the project you want to have an installer then click package then follow the on-screen instructions.. hope it helps..

else if you want to run the program without installation (in the same system) ,you can simple compile an EXE from file menu---->Make exe.

You may download and use Microsoft Visual Studio Installer 1.1

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