Hello All,

Can someone help me out with this please? I have no idea :

Error :

No accessible 'Main' method with an appropriate signature was found in 'UsedCarsSales'

The second error is Project-level conditional compilation constant 'VBC_VER = 9.0, TARGET = "winexe", CONFIG= "Debug", PLATFORM= "x86" , DEBUG; ^^ ^^ TRACE' is not valid: Character is not valid

Please i need your help. I am new to VB and this doesn't just make any sense.

Thanks in anticipation

Is your app a window app or command line app? I found this on Microsoft's website.

Command-line applications must have a Sub Main defined. Main must be declared as Public Shared if it is defined in a class, or as Public if defined in a module.

You Main should look like this...

public Shared Sub Main(byVal args() as String)