What I'm attempting to do is send data from one class, to another and then store it in that second class as an array.

file class1.cpp

Class2 c;
c.methodAdd(Variable1, id);
cout << c.methodGet(2);

file class2.h

typedef string StringArrayPtr;
StringArrayPtr *array = new StringArrayPtr[3]; //create the array
void methodAdd( string var1, int id){
array[id] = var1;

string methodGet(int id){
return array[id]

This isnt the actual code im using (i have a lot more bits in-between - but thats the general jist of what I need. I've been puzzling over it for the past 4 hours :S

Basically, an external class method which adds data to an array, and then can retrieve the values from it.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!!

That's some dangerous looking code.

class B
                vector<string> array;
                void method_add(int &stuff, int more);

void B::method_add(int &stuff, int more)
    stuff += more;
class A
                B objectB;
                void  do_something(void);

void A::do_something(void)
    int a = 7, b = 9;

    objectB.method_add(a, b);
    cout << "A.do_something().a: " << a << endl;

I would suggest you look for some more class tutorials.

The code I gave was just a very very crude (and bad) example, it isn't what I have at the moment.

I was just getting very confused with sending/receiving data from an array between classes. I can constuct proper classes etc (just didn't have time in that example), but I was wondering how the methods would work (i.e. to put data in an array from class A --> class B, and then retrieve data from a specific index from the array.

Any ideas on that front?

Thanks :)

Just using the string vector as an example.

void B::push_back(string &str)

string B::get_string(int element)

If you use a pointer it should be private(imo), allocated in the constructor, deallocated in the destructor, no direct-access. Just my paranoid way.

hmmm ok, Thanks for your opinion :)

All sorted, thanks for everyones help!!!

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