my view about this topic

inheritance mean everything from parent class comes down in child class
that is instance data,method,final data except thing declared private

while in case of interface only final data and signature comes down from parent to child class
that is instance data,method, doesnt comes down by inheritance

simple eg:
if father is a king then son is surely a prince

if father is a doctor that doesnt means son will also become doctor by inheritance,he has to study to become doctor

what your view about this topic

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Haha good example:) But viron, you should ask an exact question to get a reply.

no i just wanted to know what other think about this topic as i have seen some saying that java does support multiple inhertance and some says that it doesnt support


In Java there are Classes, Abstract Classes and Interfaces.
Classes and Abstract Classes can be inherited, but a Class cannot inherit from more than one Class or Abstract class. Abstract Classes cannot be instantiated, though as mentioned above they can be subclassed.
Interfaces on the other hand are implemented, a class can implement multiple interfaces.

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