please can anyone help me in writing code for the below question in c++ as am weak in c++
a. Write and test a function for the vertex-insertion algorithm (insert a new vertex, given a specification of all vertices adjacent to it)

Let me see now your first post you were told that we don't help with assignments unless effort is shown.

THIS post you decide to ignore that reality and persist in asking please do my assignment for me.

The ONLY way you are going to get help is to actually show some effort.

The only good thing about your post is that you are likely to be competing with me for a job when you leave university and I fancy my chances since you can neither code nor learn. [Although I am worried about some of the other very knowledgeable posters ;) ]

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Lol. If you're going to ask people to do your homework for you, at least give a reasonable description of what it is you are supposed to do! (But still...don't ask people to do homework for you...) . Is this object oriented? Are you using a certain class/struct for the verticies' layout?

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