My name is David and I am a beginner in c++ and I am looking to join a Project Team of c++ programmers of various skill levels to increase my knowledge in c++. I would like to know if anyone knows where I can go to join such a team....

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You could join Source Forge.

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You could join Source Forge.

I was checking out SF and I like it but a lot of the projects is not realy on what I am trying to learn right now which is c++. Do you have any suggestions, meaning should I work on sites that touch on c++ or is there other sites out there that I can join project groups.

Just out of curiosity Mosaic since I am new to this site how do you rate yourself as a programmer beginner, Advanced or Wizard?

Also I need a little guidance in programming I would greatly appreaciate any advise you can give

There is no need to rate yourself. Your talent comes apparent quite quickly and users will help feed that.

you might want to think about following a few tutorials and getting a reasonable understanding of the language before trying to join projects. As they mostly consist of people who know a bit more about what they are doing.
Those are two rather nice tutorials. There are always more on Google, you should always get yourself a good reference too. I'm quite fond on this one
But again Google will turn up some results and you can choose yourself which is your favourite.

You may want to find some small programming challenges too, I believe you can find a reasonable number listed throughout this site. They will help you secure the knowledge you have gained. My best piece of advise to you is that you practise! In the business practise is everything.


Thank you that is a bigggggg help for me. I will look into the programming chalanges on this site.

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