I'm a final year B.E student. Just wanted some topics that can be done as a final year project.. Want to knw some applications that i can build so that i can look out for something.

you could make a game?
a mario clone?
a survival horror zombie game?

or you could make some sort of map maker or modeling program for
game makers?

or a text editor?
or even a c++ editor with syntax higlighting, macros and other things like that?

Buid a hospital management system for your final year project assignment.

Hey thanks a lot guys. Those suggestions will surely help me. My project guide told me he wants me to do some kind of a simulation of any device over a LAN. I did not get exactly what that means. So any one have heard about such a thing before or something? Any ideas ??

what that means is simulating something(a hospital management system like ithelp said for example) over a Local Area Network.
so basicaly it is simulating things by having 2 computers send things to eachother on a network. if you need more help just ask :)

Depends on what you're capable of! You should make it as challenging for yourself as possible without being unreasonable. Our final project is a 4 player tank shooting game played over a LAN using DirectX, perhaps you could do something similar?

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