Friendz, ...
Have you ever do the practical about generating random number using Java in J2ME environment before ?
What do you think about the suitable algorithm to be used ?
I ever heard that using Blum-Blum-Shub algorithm is provable secure but in implementation, it would be so...heavy. Do you think that it's true ? And what algorithm that you think I should use?
I will do the key generation implementation using Java in J2ME environment. So I would feel so honour if you would please to help me, or just giving your comment, suggestion, and even advise.
Thank you before, just for your information that I'm a newbie in Java, so you can also contact me at : <<email id snipped>>


Knowing here the purpose for such a random number would be important before advising you of anything. Also Java has a UUID Class that generates Universally Unique Identifiers. This class has methods to generate four different types of UUIDs one of which is to generate a pseudo random number, go through class javadocs go get an idea.