I have a final exam on tuesday and i cant solve this problem. can you help me please?

As per the rules laid down, we provide help only to those who put in some effort to solve their problems; handing out free code is not encouraged here. Give your lab assignment a go, post the problems you face and then someone might help you out on this.

See this http://www.daniweb.com/forums/announcement9-2.html

And your directions say to make it 'trivial to implement other letters' but I'm not sure how trivial it can be to do print output like this. It's not that difficult, but it was always aggravating to me. A relatively easy way to do this might be to make an Object called letter and have variables for Letter such as height and an array that defines how many #'s are on each line and if there are spaces between #'s on a given line, how many spaces there are. The need for this being that if you were to just print out the letters individually, they would not show up next to each other.

Maybe someone here has a better suggestion than that which can 'put the letters next to each other' but I don't think that one exists. You just have to work around it, printing out all the highest level characters first, I think.

I'm assuming this is the problem you are facing, but perhaps you are simply too lazy to do it on your own. If it's the first... elaborate, explain your difficulties, and show what effort you've made.

> Lab9
So it's at the end of the course?

> Optional Extras
A non-compulsory question which is a bit harder, to sort out "the men from the boys"

Seriously, "banner" was a fun teaser in high school.

Unless this is the most basic of intro courses, then standards are slipping IMO.