Hi. I was just wondering what you thought about C++ and windows development. I'll post a pie chart daily as long as people continue to respond.
The Question: What do you think about C++ and windows development.?
A - You should only learn C++
B- You should only learn Windows Development
C- You should learn C++ first, Windows development second.
D- You should learn Windows development first and C++ second.
E- You should learn both, but it doesn't matter which order.
F - Other - Please specify.

You posted crappy unrealistic options.

You can't learn Windows development without knowledge of either C or C++ (or some other computer language as well). So options B, D and E are impossible assuming you don't want to know about other languages. That leaves only options A and C as viable options. F I suppose is to do nothing.

Yup, AD is right. Windows development in C++ basically means learning the fundementals, then learning an API like Win32, MFC etc....

I go for option C, learn C++ then learn the windows API.

Noone on here, I can nearly say I am 100 percent positive, will give an honest answer of anything besides C, you pie chart is done, very bad poll dude, no offense

- Learn to program (stuff which is relevant to all programming - eg. design)
- Learn to program in C++ (language specific)
- Learn to program in C++ on Windows (platform specific).

Step 3 might be your goal for the moment, but you're not going to stay there for the rest of your programming career.

If you know step 1, then moving from Windows/C++ to say Symbian/Java might be a large jump. But it would be a hell of a lot harder (read: you're a complete noob again) if you don't grasp the fundamentals.

- Learn to program (stuff which is relevant to all programming - eg. design)

Strangely though they teach us to code a lot more before they even touch the design patterns. I find it very difficult to grasp design patterns due to sheer lack of direct application. The product i work on was build long before i joined the company. its stable and the base framework is sturdy, whatever we code is within the framework and hence hardly any chances of trying new design patterns :(

F - Other - Please specify.

Start with Malbolge and then move on to Brainfuck.