I am new in assembley and I need a sample source or a tutorial about mul of big numbers

for example 10 disigts * 10 digits.


The tutorial is "can you do this on paper"?

Yes I can
What do you do mean ?

So write the steps out on paper, and think about turning it into operations you can implement on a computer.


So you start with 3*7, result is 21. The 1 is one part of the result, which you do something with, and the 2 is another part of the result which you do something else with.

Throw in a couple of loops, and you're nearly there.

An example of such case would be

MOV A,#25H
MOV B,#65H

where A has 25H and B has 65H and just use the MUL function to multiply both but you must only use A and B registers. The results will be saved in register A.

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