I know of ww.portablepython.com/
Can anyone know how to do a combination of IDE and this python in stick. Also if anyone have ever tried to add other python modules to it like Vpython, wxpython, etc

Thanks alot

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Portable Python from:
Makes Python25 portable enough to run from a small USB flash drive. It comes with the very capable editor SciTE.exe preconfigured to run on portable Python. Simply run your Python code from SciTE (press the F5 key).

You can plug this USB flash drive into any Windows computer and it will run Python25. I installed (extracted the downloaded zip file) PortablePython1.0 onto a 512M USB flash drive I purchased for $3.00. Portable Python, wxPython, pygame, django and a fair number of sample files take up about 145M.

You can add the wxPython GUI toolkit to Portable Python by simply copying the wx directory from your normal Python25 installation for instance at:
to Portable Python for instance at:

I did a similar thing with the pygame module.

Thanks Vega!
The only precious thing I didn't realize is the run menu (F5)
I tried and it worked. I'll pack some modules and feedback

Actually, Portable Python comes also with IDLE that will use the portable version.

There are packages for http://www.portablepython.com to add wxPython, VPython, SPE (python editor), IPython, PyGame, NumPy, Matplotlib etc...

All available on PortablePython google group
under page "Alpha packages"

all package requests and questions you can post on the PP google group

hope it helps!

keep pythoning,


Thanks Perica,
Python 2.6 is boring and I love 2.5
I'll visit it :)

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