Hi this is useful links for new .NET developer or any body who is new to .NeT

These link contain most of FAQ of window form



101 Visual Basic .NET Code Samples provides a large group of well categorized and documented examples of code.
This is a very useful resources when it comes to code sharing so, before you post about any subject it's maybe useful if you first take a look at these code samples


Other items that can help you mature as a programmer:

1 Read the posts in this form. You will become familiar with common gotchas, issues, and most importantly how to deal with them.
2 Practice, practice, practice! It might sound cliche, but this is the best way to retain what you expose yourself to. Tip: combine this with number 1.
3 Think about coding before you code. As the adage goes, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.
4 Search is your friend. As you run into situations that you have no idea how to attack, search the forum. Chances are that in the tens of thousands of threads, someone has already asked and received an answer on your problem.

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Wow, tons of good stuff. And while glancing through it I noticed several items that would have answered post questions recently from people in these forums.


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