Hi ,
I'm bit confused, what to use as a base langauage for ASP.net, which one is better and easy to code.

Please !! help me out...

Shikeb Ali.

I would argue C# is better from an ease of reading/typing the syntax point of view.

But that's it, otherwise it doesn't matter. It's personal taste.

Can you refer me a "GOOD" book which is available online (in PDF), and it's for beginners.

I think its personal preference, Both can perform all the tasks which .NET framework supports. If you are transitioning from Java or C++ then you would prefer C#. But if you were a VB programmer then you would like to go with VB.NET
I can upload some eBooks if you want. Let me know what language you would prefer.

I have experience with the both languages Java & C++ and i can code in C# too but i will prefer VB.net for a change.

I bought a book of Mc graw hill " The Complete reference ASP.Net" it's based on VB.net code.
I have another book " Beginning ASP.Net using VB.Net"

Are these Ok ??

Ok !! Thanks a lot :)

Let me know i you need any specific eBooks on .NET?

Ok I'll tell you,


C# in my humble opinion, because it looks nice init!

Depends on your preferences - whatever you choose the results are (almost!) the same. My preferences, however, tend to C#. Moreover C# utilizes .NET CLR capabilities a bit better than VB.

i definitely dont like vb.net at all, go with c# its syntax is universal.

The .NET books by Microsoft Press (the dark coloured ones with tools on the front) are very good, especially the "Step by Step" range.

C# is easier for C and Java programmers to pick up
VB.NET is easier for newbies and those who know VB

Both are used. VB.NET is generally used books but in industry, most job advertisements look for C# experience.

Its easier to go from C# to VB.NET than the other way.

Again, almost! C# goes a bit closer to the CLR specs...