I will be starting working on perl and java soon..
Can anyone please help, form where to start so that i get the confidence of working on it and i can do hands on.

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install active perl dude... and u will get wonderful documentation along with it ... u can easily trigger u r learning using this documentation.
U can download activer perl from somewebsite...(google it).... its a free ware :)

gud luck :)


I checked ActivePerl, it promises to make things easy for you, but should you allow them to ? Think about it, if you are going to put yourself a habit of being spoon fed, I believe you are not going to go too far. Rather install the perl interpreter on your own. Write programs in an editor rather than in a fancy IDE, try setting up CPAN modules yourself sometimes, believe me it's not that hard, I've done it. Browse the documentation on your own.
You'll need a few links here they are :

Edit : There is also a forum dedicated to Perl here post your further questions regarding perl there, I'm sure you will also get a lot of help there.

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