Hey, I'd like to write an application (in java, ofc) that would be able to connect to an LDAP server, with authentication, using sessions. Are there any libraries I could use to do so out there? Open source ones would be best, and the rule KISS is a priority ^.-

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Oh. Thanks, somehow I missed it. So all I actually need is to use:

LdapConnection lc = newe LdapConnection();
lc.Connect( "www.LDAPServer.com", portNumber );
lc.Bind( login, password );

to have an established session? Cool.

There is still one thing I can't fix - connection timeouts - how do I set those? The point would be to end the session after some time of inactivity of the applications user. Now, an admin tells me it's done on the client's side, the web tells me it's done by the ldap server. How is it done?

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