I don't know if this is the right place to post this but here goes nothing. I know this is such a cliche from us C++ coders, but I wanna make my own open source OS. I would use something like BSD or Linux, but I really wanna use C++ not C.

I wanna make it so it has a simple shell, and then add stuff like the GUI etc.

I want a really extensive tutorial. Anything helps, but make sure it's C++ not C or Java

BTW I have basically no assembly language under my belt, but I'm guessing a week or two with a good book might do it.

An OS isn't something that you can make in a few weeks, especially without a development team. If you really want to make an OS that'd be competitive with the major three (XP, Linux [Ubuntu, specifically], and Mac OS X), you're going to need to invest an amazing amount of time into it.

Anyways, you should learn to code in C. C++ is pretty much just "C with Classes", as defined by it's creator.

Good for you. Why are you telling us this?

C++ is pretty much just "C with Classes", as defined by it's creator.

Understatement of the century.

I'm a beginner myself, but I know that this takes experience at a veteran level and possibly several years to complete

If you want to do it "just for the fun of it" the what you can do is make only a Gui and compile it to run on the kernel start with learning about SLD lib and after make like a game engine to draw your menu and windows after if you want you can add opengl to it and other feature also using SDL will make it run on windows and Linux after you have your own GUI you can recompile a kernel the way you want to fit the use of your Gui and voila an easy made os after if you want you can do more... but the other part is the hardest one... all related to hardware is really hard to do so start with a all made kernel and opengl driver and all will be ok...

What are you talking about, madrang?

using OpenGL to draw some menu and a window manager to replace Gnome or Kde. like a full-screen game but used to control the os (but no program will run in it will only run script loaded by the "Gui") "good for a start before making a real os" cause it is a good way to learn how to control the files, audio and 2d sprite. just an apps to replace the windows manager... for learning it is an good exercise cause you learn how to control an os before making one.

Those are external libraries/tools for multimedia, system calls(or interrupts) are a bit different.

Understatement of the century.

Don't tell me, tell Bjarne Stroustrup.

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