Hello, I have came from C++ and have decided to learn C# and XNA 2.0, I am wanting a good book for C-Sharp for complete beginners, but not for dummies.

I have came accross: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Visual-2008-Step-Developer/dp/0735624305/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1232880050&sr=8-3

Btw, because I have programmed in C++ I get the basic consepts

Reply please?

The wrox books are much better written in my humble opinion

depending on how confident you are with your c++ skills, the transition should be pretty painless, so
Beginning visual c# maybe a little too basic, but professional c# is a great read.

I often mention these, as I think these are awsome, while they are aimed at gameplay, the c# video training material on 3dbuzz is very well done, I have the XNA series vols 1-3, and would strongly recommend them as they cover the whole OO and basics exceptionally well to the point Id almost challenge someone whos never programmed not to be comfortable with them at the end.. You can view some of the earlier vtms in the volumes by registering and looking at the free Hyperion section - which takes you through a text based game, but it takes you through design and so on through to final coding.

As a starter this is surely something to give it a try. John Sharp is a good author. You will not find any info about XNA in it.

The "step by step" books by microsoft press are a good introduction to the .NET technologies but you wont find any XNA in there.

Need concepts, designs, practices, Videos, communities and news about C# and XNA http://MSDN.com your way, I don't read single book in C#, I depend on classes documentations and MSDN.