I thought this website on coding conventions was pretty cool.. learned some things that I never knew before:


I was just wondering:

If there are any conventions in particular you agree or disagree with (and why)

If this would be worthy of being a 'sticky post' as I think a lot of new coders would gain valuable knowledge from learning modern coding conventions.

One topic, for example, that I never considered were the possible issues associated with throwing exceptions inside of a destructor.

Another involves the coding out large blocks of code:

You can't use /**/ style comments because comments can't contain comments and surely a large block of your code will contain a comment, won't it?

If there was something of interest you weren't aware of before reading, please share.

coding out large blocks of code. I like to use #if 0 because its easier to find the end of it.

#if 0
some code here

Otherwise the way I code is pretty consistent with the link you posted.

Google C++ Style Guide is interesting, check it out here