Please somebody help me! I`m a beginner and want to learn web designing. I want to khow taht is there any diffrences between Java & JavaScript if yes which one of them is better for me I have learned just C programming language.

There is not much common where purpose of usage is considered for Java and JavaScript though I am sure they share together much history.

Java is a general purpose language for programming client or server side applications. JavaScript on the other hand is a client-side scripting language.

Since you mention you are a beginner siting and example based on usage would make tings a little clearer I guess. Java would most likely be used for developing applications that run on a stand alone PC such as a desktop GUI program. If you are aware of file sharing peer-to-peer applications, LimeWire is one of them. Java is also used to develop applications that run on the server, such applications normally run without much user interaction and continue to run for days or even months on end without being stopped even once. Various services offered by companies to their clients e.g. messaging service fall in this category. These applications are often called command-line based applications as they are started by commands on the command shell.
JavaScript is used to carry out client side programming in web applications. JavaScript code is embedded within HTML pages and runs in the context of the browser. Most web browsers today have built-in support for JavaScript. JavaScript is commonly used for validating informatoin filled out in web forms, though it does have other uses.
Google about both of them for further information.

Thank you for your answers verruckt24 & ~s.o.s~. now I know the differences between Java & JavaScript so I can start writing my first scripts.