Hello guys

i am solving last years exams for practice when i stepped over this quiz. I have been fighting it for 2 hours but cant solve it. I must fill in the blanks so the program makes sense and i know its an interface , a class and a inherited class but i dont know what to do to fill the code.

If someone can give me some hints o how to start i would be eternally grateful

Ex4 Fill in the blanks

abstract class Picasso implements------------{
return 7;
class ---------------   --------------  --------------{}
class ---------------   --------------  --------------{
return 5;

public ---------------  -------------- extends Clown{
       public static void main (String args[]){
              for (int x=0; x<3; x++)
                   System.out.println(----------------+”  “+ ----------------.getClass());

The exit is         5 class Acts
                           7 class Clowns

I seriously doubt you are going to get anyone to fill in the blanks for you on this. It sounds too much like a current quiz and that won't fly well here.

Perhaps you should ask specific question about portion that you do not understand or fill in what you believe is correct.

Hey hey man i am a member here for quite some time.

I never asked for blank filling , only a hint on how to solve it. I know how it works.


I think Nose is an interface. I think Picasso is an abstract class that implements Nose.

But i have no clue what the third and fourth class are...there are too many blanks!! Its like imagining a program with no clues at all.

cant someone help? i busted my head for hours with this

Hint: Start at the bottom and work your way backwards.