can anyone here know how to make a fade in and fade out label? in visual basic?

what exactly is a fade in and fade out label ?

fade in fade out like in macromedia flash the alpha effects :) how can i do that in visual basic? it is possible?


I Guess, there is no in-built control like that in VB6, But you can Create one..

Place a Timer Control on the Form, and set its Interval =200
Also Place a Label Control..
Write this code:

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
    Static T As Integer
    Static LFlag As Boolean
    If LFlag Then
        T = T + 10
        T = T - 10
    End If
    If T > 260 Then
        T = 250
        LFlag = False
    End If
    If T < 0 Then
        T = 0
        LFlag = True
    End If
    Label1.ForeColor = RGB(T, T, T)
End Sub


thnx veena but how it work w/ 5 text for example first to see is "Me" second "You" Third "Everywhere" etc. it is possible?

well, you will trigger the timer inside each timer so if 1st timer is going to finish the job the second timer must be enabled in order to run the second timer and so on...

how would i go about making just a FADE IN label from white to black but not fade out again i cnt get it to work??

in your timer event deduct the opacity of the label in every tick og the timer then after it was about 50% change the color to black or white then back the add the opacity in every tick until it will be 100%. just like that.

hi jerih can u give me sample thanks :)

hi jerih can u give me a sample of the fade in code you were talking about plz, thanks .........