Sorry for my English firstly!
I have the below project to do in assembly language!I don't know Assembly and i would like if anyone has the time to help me!
It's a project from my school and it must be done!
I would appreciate any helpful information!
I look forward to your responses...Thank you very much!
To avoid confusions i want a basic plan for my code....
Thank you!

Two lines from 4 greens leds in that are presented successively combinations with most leds lighting. The non lighting leds in a line they create corridors. The green lines scroll down under in regular time intervals (ph, 1 sec). One from the 4 red leds in a third line is open showing the place of player. The player should be moved in place that one green led is close from the line that is above before the next scroll down. Two switches move the place of player left or right. If it is not stepped the player will remain in his place. If the player is already in the finish to a direction and is pressed the key of this direction does not change nothing. If it does not enter in the right place the player (under in one open led) the game finishes with all red led they blink until is interrupted the catering.

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Sounds like a good place to start.
- something to put a coloured pixel on screen
- something to put many coloured pixels on screen resembling a LED.

Then go from there.


Basically i would like to do it with Z80...I will use PIO and CTC...
I can't understand what are you said...
It's more a pseudocode....


> Basically i would like to do it with Z80...I will use PIO and CTC...
Well I'm confused as well, since I thought you wanted to do this on your PC.

Doing asm on a Z80 is very different from the x86 (a guess) on your PC.
There are no assumptions, the detail is everything.

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