At one of our clients’ place, we are facing a problem where the variable errno is set to EPIPE and signal SIGPIPE is generated…

We have two servers communicating with each other through sockets and the error we are getting is explained below

The writer process seems to have closed its write end of the socket and trying to write to the socket… So we are getting SIGPIPE signal…

I searched on the net to find the reasons for this and got very less info about the causes of SIGPIPE…
I have asked my clients to increase the resources available by changing the “ulimit” parameters, but I don’t think it will work out for me…

What I can understand from the scenario is that “There is a try for write operation on a socket which is already closed or being shut down”…

How can I go ahead analyzing this?

At all other clients same servers are working fine…

Please share with me all causes of the generation of SIGPIPE ( other than the one I have listed above )…

Contact: Raviprakash Batni
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This is very bad that i dint get even a single response

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