Just a few questions...

1) is C# and visual C# the same language? I downloaded the Visual C# IDE from microsoft, looking to be able to make my own programs using c#.
2) If they are the same, where do I find tutorials to learn to use the language?
3) After having written my first program, and building it, how to I execute the program. In python, you just click on 'run' and it compiles and executes the code for you. Since I am using Visual C#'s IDE, any help specific to that IDE would be greatly appreciated.

I can be reached at karimruan@gmail.com if any of these answers might violate the terms of this forum. Thank you for your help,


There is but one C# language(With versions,extensions). You can start the compiler from the console (csc.exe I believe) or you could use an IDE like Visual Studio. VS makes it much easier for you(does lots of code generation for you), but it is handy if you still know what you are doing.
The videos are good. You could also read a book. Beginning Visual C# 2005 Expess Edition(Peter Wright) put me on the tracks.
You can run your application from the Debug menu Start Debugging(F5) or Start without Debugging(Ctrl-F5). You mostly use F5.

Learning takes many forms, andso much depends on simple basics, which there are a number of ways you can learn, however, the best example of building blocks and fun I found at http://www.3dbuzz.com you'd need to register on the site (free) and then you can watch the c#/XNA (no xna in the free ones) where you make a game called Hyperion.. Its a good laugh.