Hi everyone,
I have a project that I have to do in C++. I have already done a very similar project in Java in another course. It's kind of amazing that the teacher that was teaching the java course got all of her materials from the C++ teacher. Anyways, my question is there a simple, or not so complicated way of converting the Java to the C++ code? I have to make a few adjustments to the project, but minor ones. Please let me know. Thanks to anyone upfront for advice.

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No, there isn't. You can obviously translate the code manually, and it should be pretty easy.


Anything Java can do, C++ can do (though there may be more instructions).

In fact, C++ can do more than Java....

However when it comes to GUI implementations, C++ loses out unless you count .NET Frameworks and other non-standard libraries that support GUI application development under the C++ language. I also can't imagine how difficult it would be for C++ to implement a non-standard library that supported "Servlet-based" containers @_@

Sorry for rambling... what was your old project like? Do you still have the source code?


I'm just going to try and write it outright. I will jump back on here if I need help. Thanks

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