Hi all, my name is Karim, and I am migrating from Python to C++ in order to make windows and linux based games. I am using the Visual C++ IDE, and am a complete newbie when it comes to C/C++. Python is so overly simplified that it does not provide a great background when learning C/C++. Well, with my goals in mind, could anyone point me to some *free* online resources for learning to program in C++? Thank you.

I would recommend the book "Accelerated C++", by Koenig & Moo.

You'll note that the Daniweb rules state some prohibitions, including "do not post anything warez related or related to other illegal acts."

This means that, for example, if there existed tools out in the world that made it trivial for you to download any popular textbook you wanted, I wouldn't be allowed to tell you what those tools were. If they existed. And I'm not saying that they do.

I know that this doeson't go with your *free* standards, but if you'r wi;lling to spend 25$ at borders or find it cheaper on Amazon of Ebay, I would HIGHLY reccomend C++ for Dummies. I'm still reading throug it and it is great. Its funny sometimes to :D

I would recommend a site 3Dbuzz , it has some nice video tutorials, fun to watch, and covers the very basics of C++. If you find the resolution a bit low, you could try to find it in some torrent sites.

yeah, I'm Python guy too, and I'm learning C++ too. I want to add it than shift from python.
Having those said, till now I have found too many programming sites but check www.cprogramming.com

I have some books but I have so limited time that I learn too slowly

Microsoft have free PDF of the book, by someone Schildt if I have spelled well, I have no time to search for link right now, but it is somewhere in their VC 2008 IDE section (Express edition)

Thanks guys. I will try to get c++ for dummies. I am having trouble though, I can't even get the hello world program to work. I got it right in c#, but I get an error. I double checked my code against the tutorial, and tried other tuts, but still, can't get it to build right. I will post the code later, and see if you guys find any errors, cuz I sure can't. That is a major discouragement, getting caught up in a simple hello world program, and having problems.

yes please post the code and somebody will def help you. Don't get discouraged by errors, everyone goes through them and in the process of fixing them you get to learn a lot more than what's given in your book. One piece of advice is that don't try to rush into it too fast, before you actually start writing games you will have to learn a lot of basic stuff and hence you should create reasonable timelines for yourself.

All the best.

Thanks guys. I will try to get c++ for dummies.

I'm not really a big fan of the ' blabla for dummies' series.
Here's a thread with a lot of good book recommendations in it

I wanted to write something, but making new project in Code::Blocks it gave what I was about to write, hello world! I highly recommend it. I have easily configured wxWidgets(Though I will not use them until I become good at C++ ) It is very easy and very supported at forums. Do you use MSVC Pro or express? If express ed, consider visiting www.codeblocks.org

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    cout << "Hello world!" << endl;
    return 0;