Hi all,

i have been working trying to create an customised RDL file in C#. So i hve been successful in creating that, but the problem lies in viewing it. how can i present it to the viewer?

Thanks in advance

Reporting viewer in Reporting tab in VS toolbox, but you need to modify its extension to rdlc if you need to process it in local mode. Just begin to drag Reporting Viewer on your form and you'll learn by practice.

i have generated the rdl file dynamically. After generating it my requirement is to show the report to the viewer.

So you should process it remotely, and give reportviewer's properties like ReportServerUrl, ReportPath, etc at runtime.
First of all you need to install SQL Server SP1 and RS hotfixes.

ReportViewer.LocalReport = generatedOne Read in ReportViewer control you'll know how to show a report!

any links would be of great help. im trying to do without using report viewer tool box any other. it is meant to serve as utility

Don't generate rdl, design it using SQL Server Reporting Service, return to my previous answers, and know how to send parameters to it, using SetParameters(...)

mmm, I don't know actually but you can comment on this article or ask the author, he may help you.