I'm working with Visual Studio.net and Access 2002 to build an interface to add, edit and delete records in the database. Eventually, I'd like to build a web page to be able to view the data.

Currently, I'm trying to search for a particular record in the database using a vb input box to retrieve data from two tables joined by an ID number. Following is the basic design:

User completes the input box to search for the ID number.
The input is used to select row from Table A and Table B where ID number is the same.
Display selected data from both tables for viewing, editing or deleting.

I had used VB6 years ago. I'm trying to get back into programming for my own use, so I'm basically teaching myself through trial and error. I've never used the OleDbDataAdapter or DataGrid before and have been unsuccessful in getting this to work. I understand parameters, but can't seem to come up with the right code and where to place it. Can anyone help?


there are many good tutorials in net like this and this
you can search for more and it will help you to come up with your code
if you need help you can ask here

Thanks. I'll give it a try.:)

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