Hey all. I am using visual studio 2008 for the first time because i have heard very good things about it (plus i had numerous problems with devc++).

Here is a debug.html file that shows an error i am getting while trying to compile my project in visual studio. i am NOT getting compiler errors for my code, but it seems there is something else not right!

hope you guys can help me out with this, thanks a ton.

Generating Code...
Compiling manifest to resources...
Project : error PRJ0003 : Error spawning 'rc.exe'. ,----this line

There is more info displayed in the .doc file attached ... such as all compiler info.

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Did you check these things?

Possible reasons for this error:

* Low system resources. Close some applications to resolve this.
* Insufficient security privileges. Verify that you have sufficient security privileges.
* The executable paths specified in VC++ Directories do not include the path for the tool that you are attempting to run.
* For makefile projects, you are missing a command to run on either Build Command Line or Rebuild Command Line.

1. i had nothing else open/running
2. how would i check this, i doubt this would be a problem though!
3. mmmmmm not sure what this means?
4. command to run? build command? thats what i used to attempt to compile! ?!

Sorry im a newb to this software, as mentioned, i have used dev and g++ on a unix machine previously... any help in explaining the above would be greatly appreciated!

To check the second:
Are you logged in as someone with admin-rights? if yes: this is not the problem

the third could be the result of not restarting your pc after install of vs2008 was complete. Did you reboot already?

ah, that could be it, i had installed it but i had a problem with install, so i rebooted and did a repair install, and havent restarted, ill give that a try.

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