hey guys i am new to java...well data structures, i have this assignment, where we have to basically accomplish radix sort. The first method is building a master linked lists. i have not even started can anyone help with me with that package sorting;

import java.io.*;

import structures.linear.Node;

* This class sorts a given list of strings which represent numbers in
* the given radix system. For instance, radix=10 means decimal numbers;
* radix=16 means hexadecimal numbers.
public class Radixsort {

* Reads entries to be sorted from input file and stores them as
* strings in a master linked list (CIRCULAR), in the order in which they
* are read. In other words, the first entry in the linked list is the first entry
* in the input, the second entry in the linked list is the second entry in the input,
* and so on.
* @param br BufferedReader pointing to the input file
* @return Master CLL rear pointer, with all entries to be sorted in the order in
*         which they appeared in the input file
* @throws IOException If there is any error in reading the input
public static Node<String> createMasterListFromInput(BufferedReader br)
throws IOException
return null;


i really dont get the whole bufferedreader part, like it is point to a txt file i just dont know how to build a linked lists from it. can anyone guide me with it. i dont need the code, but if someone could just explain to me the concept


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