hi again ive got more questions for ides

i have been using UliPad but it keeps on closing and uninstalling itself

im looking for something that can:
run code in ide
debug syntax
all round simple to use

preferably i would like it to have a module lib

what can you recomend?

Strange that Ulipad does this, I find my installation very stable.

There is Komodo Edit 5.0, but this free version does not come with the debugger. You could install a good external debugger like winpdb to use with it.

Then there is Editra, however it is still in it's alpha state. It actually comes with the wxPython installation. You can update it from there. That one allows me to easily switch between Python25 and Python30.

Not quite sure why you didn't give DrPython a try?

There is also SPE and SciTE (the Scintilla Text Editor).

PyScripter is also a very noble effort, but works only on Windows (don't use with Python30).

i know i cant believe it either, but Editra wasn't working for me so i think ill try Komodo and winpdb, ill tell you how it works out.

i didnt try DrPython because people said that it was commercial and i dont have the money to pay for anything. i use SciTE for when im travelling or at different computers, what are the differences between komodo and spe?