hello everyone,

i am working on digital media convertor in vb.net.
number of file formats we are going to convert in to any media format using proper compressors.
So if want to add new file format to my program, or want a previous format delete. How can i add this flexobility?

VB.NET supports dynamically loading dll files at runtime and using class and procedures from them. The trick is to create an "interface" and use that:

Public Interface IPlugin
    Sub Run()
End Interface

Public Sub RunPlugin(byval vPlugin as IPlugin)
End Sub

Public Class MyPlugin
    Implements IPlugin
    Public Sub Run() Implements IPlugin.Run
        ' Do something
    End Sub
End Class

Then you would just make dll files for all your format converters and store them in a folder with your app. Use System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom() to grab a list of dll files in a certain path.

Do a search for "vb.net plugin" to see lots of examples. Good luck! ;-)