i just wanted to know how we can access the variable of 1 form to another form.as far as i know, ther is no session management concept in C#.

for ex., i want to access my login id into the next form. then what will be the procedure to do so?

thnks for the help..

it is simple.... all you need to do is to create a private variable in you 2nd from then assign a public interface in the following way

private string a;// create a property
public string IntefaceForA
return a;
a = value;

then in the form from where you need to pass values
you need to assign the value to that variable.

form2 obj = new form2();
obj.InterFaceForA = "loginID";


now you can access the value any where in your 2nd form;

I hope this solves your problem..

Or how to pass it when making/opening the other form

obj.show() will show/open the other form.... so you have to assigne that before doing this as i have shown previously

Or, override the show function with a variable to make it so you pass the required variables with it.

Or simply post the variables in the constructor.
// Jerry

Or, create a constructor in Form2 which take loginId String as parameter.