I have declared the following variables in the form transoverride.vb

Dim Account_Name, PolicyNumber, TransCodeOrig, TransEffDate, Override_Action, Override_New_Renewal, Override_Transaction_Code, ModifiedDate, ModifiedUID, Plan_Year As String
Dim RowNum As Integer

The goal of this question is that I want to pass the above variables to a dialog form called edittransoverride.
Public Sub DoModify()

Dim dTable As DataTable = Me.DataGrid1.DataSource
Dim bm As BindingManagerBase = Me.DataGrid1.BindingContext(Me.DataGrid1.DataSource, Me.DataGrid1.DataMember)
Dim dRow As DataRow = CType(bm.Current, DataRowView).Row
Me.lbNumRec.Text = Me.DsTransOverride1.Tables(0).Rows.Count.ToString()
Dim cEditTransOverride As New EditTransOverride


End Sub

In the subroutine that belogs to transoverride.vb I assign them values before passing to the dialog form.
Private Sub highLightRow(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As MouseEventArgs)

Dim pt = New Point(e.X, e.Y)
Dim grd As DataGrid = CType(sender, DataGrid)
Dim hit As DataGrid.HitTestInfo = grd.HitTest(pt)

If hit.Type = grd.HitTestType.Cell Then
grd.CurrentCell = New DataGridCell(hit.Row, hit.Column)
RowNum = hit.Row
Account_Name = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 0))
PolicyNumber = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 1))
TransCodeOrig = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 2))
TransEffDate = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 3))
Override_Action = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 4))
Override_New_Renewal = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 5))
Override_Transaction_Code = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 6))
ModifiedUID = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 7))
ModifiedDate = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 8))
Plan_Year = Convert.ToString(grd.Item(RowNum, 9))
End If
End Sub

Now I must get these values in the load of the edittransoverride.vb dialog form.

Private Sub EditForm_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
' Save old values

oldPolicyNumber = PolicyNumber
oldTransCode = TransCodeOrig
oldTransEffDate = TransEffDate

' Verify for Null fields
FillTextBox(txtAccountName, Account_Name)
FillTextBox(txtPolicyNumber, PolicyNumber)
FillTextBox(txtUserId, ModifiedUID)
dteEffDt.Text = TransEffDate.ToShortDateString()
dteEffDt.Value = TransEffDate.ToShortDateString()
FillTextBox(txtDate, ModifiedDate)
FillComboBox(cmbOriginalTransCode, TransCodeOrig)
FillComboBox(cmbOverrideAction, Override_Action)
FillComboBox(cmbOverrideNR, Override_New_Renewal)
FillComboBox(cmbOverrideTransactionCode, Override_Transaction_Code)
txtPlanYear.Text = Plan_Year
Me.lbRecNum.Text = RowNum

End Sub

How do I go about defining these variables so I can use them in my Load routine of the Dialog form.?

Re: passing values from a form to a dialog form 80 80

You can add a module to your project and declare your variables as Public variables in the module. You can then use those variables in both your form and dialog form.

Re: passing values from a form to a dialog form 80 80

you can declare the variables as public
this way public <variable name> as <type> in some form consider form1

then in the other form you say form1.<variablename>

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