i am new to .net.

i like to add the datagridview into the datagridview.

please share ur ideas,

That makes no sense what so ever. You want to add something to itself?


(pls consider this is treeview: P1,P2--Parent, c1,c2,c3,c4---Child nodes)
task is ,
when i select the item from treeview.
i like to show in the datagrid view.

if user selects one parent item from treeview. i like show in datagrid view that entire parent and child details.

if user selects second child node only (like c4) one also show in another datagridview with parent name p2. after some time user again select the second node child (c3) in tree view.that node information must added into that exists datagridview.

i think u can understand my problem .

so here when i again select he previous i must know the previous information. so how can i maintain.

the same operation instead of using datagrid i m used treeview very successfully executed. so each time i am travel the treenode and check the existing data present then add the selected node. otherwise create the new node.

i think u can understand my problem

But thats not the question you asked. Please try some grammar, some punctuation, and real words. Please mark this thread and the other pointless one like it asking to put a control within itself, as solved, and stick with the thread about your data. Then, go there, explain what you want. better than you have here, as the above is not clear due to lack of readability.